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King Was Approved to Build Provincial Technology Innovation Center
Author:Hao Jingyan    From: 2019-9-25 15:52:27
On August 29, 2019, No.34, J.K.P.H [2019] "Notice on Establishment of Provincial Technology Innovation Center in 2019" was issued by Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and our application for establishement of "Hebei Railway Locomotive Air Conditioning Technology Innovation Center" passed the evaluation and was approved to build.
After receiving the notice from the department of science and technology in April 2019, we started to prepare for the application, and completed the expert demonstration and materials provision in early May. The construction period of the new technology innovation center is proposed to be 2 years, from May 2019 to May 2021. Upon completion of the 2-year construction, the department of Hebei Science and Technology will carry out acceptance to the construction task and incorporate it into the management sequence of the provincial technology innovation centers as it passes the acceptance. 
In order to pass the acceptance inspection smoothly, "Hebei Railway Locomotive Air Conditioning Technology Innovation Center" shall carry out the construction tasks specified in the implementation plan of the construction and operation of the technology innovation center during the construction period, undertake government’s science and technology projects, and appraise the results of the research and development projects. It should set up open topics, and organize and host engineering technology conferences or technical exchange conferences. The construction of this provincial R&D platform will not only help us improve our technology innovation ability and industry influence, but also lay a foundation for our company to apply for a national R&D platform.

Text: Hao Jingyan