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Family Open Day in KING
Author:Luo Rongjing    From: 2019-9-25 15:53:53
Under the support and encouragement of the company leaders, Party branch, Labor Union and Youth League branch of KING jointly held an Open Day activity for KING’s family members on September 21 .
This is also a larger scale activity to publicly show company's work environment scene to the family members after "Safety Production Public Open Day of June 16" , a beneficial attempt of our company.
 For 27 years since the founding of KING company, we have not only built this warm and harmonious family together, but we also have been committed to creating mobile happiness, so that everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable travel experience.
On the occasion of the arrival of the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, we wish our families happiness, our company prosperity and our country auspiciousness.

Text: Luo Rongjing
Pictures: Zhuang Yan