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Grandly Commend the Winner in Skills Competition
Author:Li Kang    From: 2019-10-22 15:41:41
On October 10, the company held a grand ceremony to commend the winners in 2019 operators skill competition. General manager Li Zongxing and deputy general manager Er Yanwei attended the ceremony to award the winners and watch the first prize works.
General manager Li made a speech on the ceremony of commendation "carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate King’s capacity". He warmly congratulated the winning employees on behalf of the company on their full recognition and commendation from the company. Mr. Li said that the winners and their works represent the highest level of skills in various works of King, all our staff should learn from and look up to the technical experts, and strive to improve their operational skills and level.
King has developed labor skills competition for many years. In personal intervention and strict supervision of the general manager, combined with the operator skill rating, a benign career growth channel for operators gradually formed with the characteristics of King. Guide and help the operators to learn more technical skills and cultivate the technical experts and craftsmen, so as to further improve the manufacturing quality and enhance the prestige of King, which benefit not only the company and the employees but also the customers and the social public.

Text: Li Kang
Photo: He Bing
October 10, 2019