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KING Passed CMMI-3 Software System Review
Author:Hao Tengfei    From: 2019-11-25 8:13:54
From October 14 to 18, 2019, after strict review and evaluation by Claudia Gonzalez Martinez, the chief appraiser, and the appraisal team, Shijiazhuang King Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed the CMMI-3 review executed by the audit of the U.S. CMMI Research Institute after the online publication of the results on October 18, 2019.
CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a set of internationally accepted quality management and quality assurance standards for software products, which aims to help software enterprises to manage and improve the software engineering process, enhance their development and improvement ability, so as to develop high-quality software on time within budget.
As the largest railway vehicle air conditioning R&D and manufacturer in domestic, Shijiazhuang King Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., has been pursuing pioneering and continuous perfection in the field of quality management and process improvement. With the high attention and support of senior leaders, the R&D center has passed the CMMI-3 software management system certification since December 2016, after three years of application and improvement of system, the center has passed the software system review of customers for many times, and successfully passed the CMMI-3 software system review in October 2019.
Passing the CMMI-3 review is a kind of recognition of the company’s strength in software development and project management to provide users with high-quality products and services, which marks that the company reaches an internationally recognized mainstream new level in the field of software development management system. The core competitiveness of the company’s air conditioning products has been effectively enhanced. It will lay a good foundation for the company's software products to get better evaluation in the North American and other international markets.
CMMI-3 review is also a part of our software efforts, and we will continue to strengthen the investment of R&D center on software process management system construction and improvement, enhancing the implementation of the system, strictly controlling the quality, deepening certification, and further implementing the essence of CMMI system, so as to better promote the comprehensive competitiveness of our air conditioning products.


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Text: Hao Tengfei
Photo: Pei Jing