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Approaching You, Let’s Be Together
Author:Luo Rongjing    From: 2019-12-13 10:45:14

-KING’s art festival successfully concluded in a performance

On December 5, KING’s first art festival in its history, jointly held by the Party Branch, Trade Union and Youth League Committee with the support from the Company’s leaders, successfully came to an end in a performance. 
A professional band was invited for the performance, which consisted of opening catwalk show, solos, choruses, Peking Opera, etc. The familiar colleagues at ordinary times either served as elegant and humorous hosts or appeared as passionate singers, energetic models and talented players of musical instruments, igniting the passion of the performers and public judges. Finally, five teams including the Procurement and Project Management Team, Financial Team and Quality Assurance Team won the champion, the second place and the third place respectively.
The first art festival not only manifests the corporate culture, but reflects the strong gene of KING’s “Best Team” as well. Approach you and let’s be together. We believe that KING will have a brighter future.
Text: Luo Rongjing
Pictures: Zhuang Yan