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Air Conditioning Project for Double-Deck Commuter Train in New Jersey, U.S. Landed in KING
Author:Wang Li    From: 2019-12-13 11:03:19
Recently, KING successfully won the bid for the double-deck commuter train project of Bombardier North America for New Jersey Transportation Agency as a result of unremitting efforts of the bidding team. This project has a basic order for 113 trains with subsequent orders of up to 1,000 trains. Two air-conditioning units will be installed on each train and the first batch is expected to leave the factory in July 2020.
The project of New Jersey double-deck commuter train uses products of the Bombardier multi-deck vehicle platform. The signing of this project signifies full entry of KING into another major product platform of Bombardier Group. Unlike other projects of KING in the United States, the air-conditioning system, control components and software used in this project are independently designed by KING. This is also the fist time for KING’s cabinet-type air-conditioning unit of passenger compartment to be exported overseas. Its successful development and application is of great significance to improving KING’s position in the U.S. rail transit market. New Jersey is very close to New York City, the largest city in the United States, therefore, the construction of this project is sure to greatly improve the commuting status between New Jersey and New York City.

Written by Wang Li